Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Techno and Acoustic

I love writing songs. I love making music. Its just something I have to do everyday. Feels like something inside of me always pushing me to pick up the guitar and get in front of Microsoft Word and express my feelings. I love singing the melody and figuring out what words I'm going to put down "on paper" to get a message across. When I hear my favorite guitarists or songwriters, rock and country, I am inspired to do what they do. Write.
There are other times when I listen to a completely different style. Electronic and Techno music really attracts me into its synthetic atmosphere and I feel like I'm in a dream when I listen to an artist like Basshunter, or Gummibar, or David Guetta. When I listen to Techno I just get inspired to do something different. To just bob my head and lose control. Especially listing to European artist. As if I'm listening to a strange alien music that I've never really let myself be exposed too. But these sounds make me want to be apart of this kind of music too!
Its confusing though. I could go in either direction. I could really focus on my pop songs. Study songwriting in Nashville. Become a songwriter, if ever I could. But then I wake up and there are days I would rather spend all my time at my computer working in my Fruity Loops Studio 9 program studying dance, trance, and techno beats. Exploring all those complicated applications and plugins, and developing my own style within a genre so foreign to my American ears.
Then I also had the thought, why not do both? Why not focus on both? Songwriting in the traditional sense, and then when I get bored with playing guitar, run to the PC programs I adore. Could I do both? As an artist could I do both and get away with it? I can apply my lyrical skills and musical background to my techno tracks, hopefully making up for my ignorance with computers and audio production. But as a performing and recording artist could I get away with releasing different kinds of music like that? Could anybody get away with it?
I guess I wont ever know till I get back to recording my music. Been on hiatus for over a year now, and the time has come and I am motivated. Some moments I feel that I can do both acoustic songwriting and also techno music. But then I have a moment or two where I catch myself discouraging the wild all over the place artist that I am saying "focus on one or the other."
Anyway check out this video. The melody is a Basshunter original but this artist is swell!!

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