Friday, September 23, 2011


So I've watched this movie about three times and I still want to see it again. I love anything about Mideval Europe or Anceint Rome. This movie just does everything a good action, sword fighting, no fantasy bullshit, hot girl fighting movie should do for me. This movie is fantastic and you should watch it.
Now the character development is limited, if any at all, but why develop the characters if they are just going to fight and die and run around the whole time. Kinda of reminded me of Daniel Day Lewis in Last of the Mohicans. Almost every great scene the Roman soldiers are running from their enemy over this amazing scenery like the scenes in Last of the Mohicans.
The story line is so interesting to me that I had to go to Wikipedia and check out who these people the Picts were. Supposedly, the Picts were the people that slaughtered the 9th Spanish Legion of Rome arround 200 AD I believe. I'm too lazy to look it up but it was right before Rome started to collapse. The Picts occupied modern day Scotland and were defending there land and culture from the advance of the Roman empire into their realm.
And they were a sophisticated people too. No one knows what language they spoke because all that still exist are place names and names of people, but in the movie they speak Gaelic. The forein language sounded awesome and made the movie very believable.
Now if you watch this movie you'll have to agree that the Pict girl that helps the last three soldiers on their run from the Picts is like, wow, gorgeous. She talks in this really thick accent, I guess its Scottish or Northern English but it fuckin turns me on. So I looked this chick up on the internet, because I'm weird like that, and, and her name is Imogen Poots. lol. Now this is significant and funny for me because number one; I never knew Imogen was a name. I love the artist Imogen Heap but I thought it was a word she must have made up. Tells you how ignorant I am. And her last name is Poots, so when you say her whole name its like saying Imogen Farts, which really wouldn't sound anymore strange to me. But for real this chick is really cute and I wish I was Quintus Dias at the end of the movie and I would be living out my days with Imogen in the Scottish woods!

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