Monday, September 26, 2011

Where is Jake in Two and a Half Men???

The thing I miss the most about the new Two and a Half Men is not Charlie Sheen. I do miss Charlie but I've got eight seasons of reruns to relive those moments of debauchery. The person I miss the most is Jake Harper! Where has he been. I've watched the two newest episodes that air on Monday nights and Jake is not there!
I think that kid made the show. Sure Charlie Sheen was the main fixture at first. I was attracted to the show because of Charlie. I had never heard of John Cryer before Two and a Half Men, but I fell in love with the character Alan Harper. But Two and a Half Men IS NOT Two and a Half Men without Jake Harper. He is the "Half" in the title. So I really hope to see more of him in this new season.
Two and a Half Men is in a very experimental phase right now. I like some of the jokes and humor, but it still feels like I'm getting use to Charlie not there. Ashton Kutcher is great though, don't get me wrong. I'm right there rooting for him because its not just Charlie I love, I love the show! I may be the biggest fan of Two and a Half Men.
But seriously I really need Chuck Lorrie to write scripts with Jake in it. The show needs Jake and I'm interested to see how the character will transition from childhood to adolescence with the absence of his crazy uncle. I just hope that the writers, directors, and producers go beyond my expectations.

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