Saturday, April 23, 2011

My life as a Waiter

So I've been living in Tennessee for almost six months. Finally getting my life on track and gaining control of myself. Life is beautiful.
I work at a nice place called Legends. It is a great place to work, and I am so grateful to be earning money every nite. The girls are really nice, and the two women that run it our drill sergeants but they are really cool. Last nite I made almost sixty dollars in three hours. No complaints.
I realized though yesterday, while serving tables, that I am settling into a life as a waiter, even though music is my true calling. Eventually I will make it there and be able to quit serving, but that day is long off in my life's horizon. Serving tables is not only my job, but my carrear because really... I have no other skills in todays winter economic climate.
But I should't say that. I love working where I work, and for a 23 year old male thats made all the bad decions that i've made, I am lucky to be serving tables 900 miles away from home. God is Good.

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