Saturday, September 24, 2011

Nirvana Live at Paramount

VH1's presentation of Nirvana Live at Paramount was spectacular. By far the best program EVER on VH1 or VH1 classic. For me, VH1's credibility has been restored. I had a great time, all by my lonesome, drinking Coors light and eating popcorn! Some of those performances I've never seen before. Just over all a feeling of excitement and inspiration.
Nirvana inspired me when my mother bought me the In Utero album at the Syracuse Barns and Nobles. In the parking lot I put the album in my CD player and Serve the Servants blasted through my ear phones. I was hooked immediately. From then on, my whole life had changed. Within months I had picked up guitar and started writing my own grunge rock songs.
Kurt Cobain influenced me in some positive and negotiate ways. But the fact that he could even influence me at all from beyond his time is just extraordinary. Cobain had been dead for over ten years before I listen to Nirvana. And for me, the rest is history.
I guess its bitter sweet for me. The Nirvana 20th anniversary album is being released on Tuesday. I was maybe three or four when Nevermind came out. A part of me wishes I could have been there, if I were born twenty years earlier. Been there like as in an adolescent when Nirvana and grunge hit mainstream. But I'll never forget the first few experiences I had listening to their music. No other artist ever has influenced me as much as Kurt Cobain and Nirvana.
So it's 9/24/11 and I am sipping my last Coors Light. I am tipsy and feeling good. I hope some of you read this and can relate. So now I am going to watch some Jenna Marbles videos, cause she's awesome, and try to sleep soon.


kyle Marzola said...

couldn't agree more. Was a great way to get me in the mood for saturday.

kyle Marzola said...

When I was 5 my brother gave me his tape of nevermind and in utero because he didn't want me to listen to boy bands. All day I listened to those tapes and it taught me what music was. Without it I have no Idea what I would be doing.

charlesmarlowe27 said...

Without Nirvanas music I have no idea what I'd be doing either Kyle.