Monday, November 1, 2010

Haloween Havoc

So this past week end was awe sum! I had a great time and saw two really great shows. Saturday afternoon I went to seamy brothers band Amelia iz Dead. My brother Andrew plays drums and they are a metal band from Syracuse. They were just amazing. The vocalist, and front women was stunning to watch. That night she and the other members of the band convinced me. With time and more performances I am positive that band will be very successful. Check out to see videos from the show at the Fusion Room in Mattydale NY at
Then later that night I went to see the Halloween Havoc with Dj RSource at the LeMoyne Den, which was just fantastic. They had break dancers and rappers, and good beats, and there were like a million people there. I went with my friend Emily who won best costume being Snow White, and she was def the sexiest Snow White I've ever seen. The night was just almost too much to handle. Def off the hook. Anormazzzz was very impressive and inspiration to see perform live, and that man can really freestyle. His lyrics are Triple AAA AMAZINGA! I was drinking energy drink after energy drink and dancing like a mothafucka. RSource fucking rocks.
They are playing in Ithaca on November 5th. You can check it all out at also go to my or my fb profile to see video and pics from the show!