Monday, October 31, 2011

New Songs are up online!

So everyone, I've been working really hard on some new productions the last month or so. Ever since I got my new laptop and recording equipment I've been up all night trying to get these new tracks together. My first song is a euro dance style instrumentle called Love Never Dies. It features the Eurogate 3 in FL Studio 10, and I fell in love with that sound. The lead is the Hands Up lead sound in FL Studio 10. Definatly a Basshunter inspired song.
And my two new singles are Your Turnin Me On and I'm in Love with a Youtube Star. Both are available FREE to download at my I'm very proud of both songs though they are both totally diffrent other than the techno basslines.
I'm in Love with a Youtube Star features myself playing electric guitar, giving the song what I felt like was a grungy rock sound over the FL Studio beats I made. Yes, I did write the song one night after watcing Jenna Marbles videos and thinkin how cool id be to write a song about a Youtube Star. The lyrics are kinda stalkerish, but I think it works. Let me know if I'm wrong.
Your Turnin Me On is defenatly a more dance kind of song, even though its slower than Youtube star. The slide show is available at The pictures for my slide show were provided by Joshua T Potter.
Joshua is awesome. He takes really good photographs, and we've been seeing him out with his camera at Trexx night club. Check him out at carjunkyphoto​
So if you use myspace, facebook, youtube, or twitter, my music is available and ready for the listeners. I plan on taking my music in a dance, electronic direction, so any sugestions musically, or on gear, or software programs would be apreciated.
Happy Halloween everyone!


Monday, October 24, 2011

The quest of Recording at Home

So since I've got all my new recording equipment I've been cooped up inside all day and night trying to produce my Techno album and having to do my brothers metal album. to say the least I've been staying busy.
Within two or three weeks I've been able to do some decent demos but I am a perfectionist when it comes to my own music. Somedays I get down, frustrated and discouraged. But I keep going because I must!
I may never be able to compete with the majors as far as the quality of my productions, but I can colaborate and use my own musical intuition and still strive for greatness.
I'm hoped up on energy drinks right now, so I suppose I'm rambling. But I am super excited about recordming with my brother and my friends and releasing a final project online. I have to. You cannot live off of yesterdays sucsess.

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm in Love with a YouTube Star


Charles Marlowe has entered the Guitar Center Singer/Songwriter contest

After over a year on hiatus Charles Marlowe has been inspired to write brand new songs to perform on his YouTube account. He received an email from Tunecore offering to enter a songwriting contest.

Guitar Center and have teamed up with a contest for the unsigned, and undiscovered singer/songwriter. The grand prize is the opportunity to record a three song EP with producer John Shanks and digital distribution on one single with Tunecore.

The contest starts October 2nd and ends December 1st. The way to win is to gain as many new online fans as possible. This can be through YouTube subscriptions, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes.

Marlowe stated “I did not enter the contest for the prize, but for the opportunity to exploit my music online and to gain more attention as a songwriter.” The pop/rock songwriter has been writing and performing since he was 14 years old.

His new video on YouTube entitled “I’m in Love with a YouTube Star” has already gotten a lot of attention from his online fan base. “Every time I receive Facebook friend request, or gain another subscriber on YouTube I just get so excited. I’m trying to find my audience one by one.”

To help Marlowe compete in the contest follow him on Twitter, click “Like” on his Facebook artist profile, and Subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Charles Marlowe