Thursday, December 9, 2010

Calvin Harris - You Used to Hold Me

Well I'm living in Nashville now. I went out to an after hourz club with this grrrl, and we heard this song. I fell in love with the Dance pop, techno sounds of it. And the simple Lyric, "you used to hold me", drew me right in. Reminded me of my Ex GF and I just had a rush like I do when I hear a new song.
So check it out, I think youll love it too.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Haloween Havoc

So this past week end was awe sum! I had a great time and saw two really great shows. Saturday afternoon I went to seamy brothers band Amelia iz Dead. My brother Andrew plays drums and they are a metal band from Syracuse. They were just amazing. The vocalist, and front women was stunning to watch. That night she and the other members of the band convinced me. With time and more performances I am positive that band will be very successful. Check out to see videos from the show at the Fusion Room in Mattydale NY at
Then later that night I went to see the Halloween Havoc with Dj RSource at the LeMoyne Den, which was just fantastic. They had break dancers and rappers, and good beats, and there were like a million people there. I went with my friend Emily who won best costume being Snow White, and she was def the sexiest Snow White I've ever seen. The night was just almost too much to handle. Def off the hook. Anormazzzz was very impressive and inspiration to see perform live, and that man can really freestyle. His lyrics are Triple AAA AMAZINGA! I was drinking energy drink after energy drink and dancing like a mothafucka. RSource fucking rocks.
They are playing in Ithaca on November 5th. You can check it all out at also go to my or my fb profile to see video and pics from the show!

Monday, October 25, 2010

So I'm sitting here at Joanne Perry's open mic at the Tipp Hill Cafe and the strangest thing in the world happen. This guy is playing guitar and jamming with a couple other guys when all of a sudden he throws the guitar across the room and yells out in agony. Less than a second later he recovers and explains that his diphibulator just shocked him. Not sure how to spell it but y'all should know what that is. Apparently if his heart rate gets two high it goes off and feels like lighting going through his body. The open mic host called paramedics cause no one knew if it would happen again or not. I guess jamming blues riffs got him too excited.
I think the man was embarrassed or something because he packed up and didn't want to talk to the paramedics. The harmonica player tried to clear sum space for him on the couch, but he was too starteled to sit down. It was quite a scene for a moment. It makes me feel fortunate that I still don't have any metal or robotic machinery inside of my body. I felt bad because even though it was shocking He explained the situation and it wasn't so weird. But I suppose I might have left too.
I must give it too him, his act was hard to follow, and even my attempts to scream like Chad Kroeger in m y Keith Urban covers would not have been as memorable as a mans pace maker thangy electrocuting him after just one tune. But the guy could p,ay and I enjoyed listening to him and his friends play blues music.
....... Anythang in the world can happen at any given moment.
So I took the stage later and sang two recovery related songs about my recent battle with addiction.. The titles were "Wild Abandon" and " Im Gonna Find my Faith." I got a lot of positive feedback and my friend Franki Dimond even went as far as to say the songs were very " powerful." I was happy and that excitement and restlessness I get after I perform was an amazing feeling. I would like to play out a lot more often.
We all sang the " the Minster Mash" and Joanne let me jam on her guitar for that number. Just a great night out. Paul Marconi offered me a ride home. We had a nice talk since I haven't seen him since the last time I was at Opus when Jacki was hosting it. He droped me back off at my current residence in Syracuse and I walked up to my house with a feeling of great fulness and serenity. There is no other way I'd rather spend a Monday night.
Thank you for reading.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

So yesterday Will and I practiced the set for the show at LeMoyne up at his studio. it has been a while for both of us since we have preformed other than on the studio tracks. We had lots of energy. And we even got our friend Rob to come up and practice his parts. If you listen to my mix tape available online at myspace and facebook you will hear Will and Rob featured on my songs. I love to collaborate with others and as far as songwriting is concerned I believe two heads is always better than one. Well maybe not always because I do write and recored songs that I don't share. But even then I usually have someone help me with the post production.
So we are getting ready for the performance on November 13th at LeMoyne Plaza. I have spent lots of time promoting the show on facebook, email, and here. Writing the press release is always fun because my dad is a communications teacher and helps me develop the ideas and edit the story for me. But sometimes I ask myself " Am I just wasting time writing a press release." my thought is that if I send one out every time I have some big news eventually it's going to get read. Maybe the program directors and the newspaper editors won't read the first few I send out. That's ok, I don't expect them to. But my hope is that one of these days through my effort and hard work they will see me working it and give me a shot. Weapther they come out to a show, or write about my single.
I just keep believing in myself everyday, and try to come up with new ideas to market the music. If Basshunter allvthe way from Sweden can get heard in the States than I defiantly can.
Hope everyone has a great Monday to start the week off!

November Preformance at LeMoyne Collage


Seven Seas Entertainment’s Charles Marlowe and Will Renaud will be performing together at the LeMoyne Plaza Saturday, November 13th from 9pm to 10:30 pm. The set list of songs will feature singles from both artists and collaborations. Marlowe will be supporting his new mix tape set to be officially released December 5th. Renaud has two new singles streaming online and available for download.

The show is booked by this year’s SAMMY winner for best hip hop CD: DJ RSource with RSource Entertainment. Check out RSource Sunday nights on Z89 from 8pm to 11pm for all the newest underground hip hop and local music from Syracuse.

Charles Marlowe has a new homepage with news, music, and pictures at Come on by to listen to his new songs from the mix tape, Just Like a Rockstar, and to find links to his Myspace, YouTube, and Facebook pages.
"Charles Marlowe is a very serious hardworking and dedicated artist.
Even if you don't feel this Genre of music give it a serious listen
before judging!" DJ RSource