Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Tontie was a mile stone for me. I've been living off and on in Nashville for almost two years and still have not had the chance to see a show at the Grand Ole Opry. But tonite I made that dream a reality. I remeber being 18 or 19 and watching Keith Urban and Brad Paisley preforming on GACs broadcast of the Grand Ole Opry Shows on Saturday nights. Ever since then I've allways wanted to see a show, especially since I made the desicion to move to Nashville. Serving tables right across from the Grand Ole Opry, I wait on lots of couples, famliys and friends that are going to see a show when I work on tuesday or Saturday night. For a while I've almost envied them because I had not yet attended. So a new friend of mine I was introduced too through my brothers GF asked me if I wanted to go see Rascal Flatts at the Grand Ole Opry a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't even a question for me. I knew this was a chance to see the Opry for the first time. My friend, Desiree had never been to a show either. We were both very excited. My car brokedown the other day so she agreed to drive. But I bought the tickets. I don't need to state the obvious that I like her and she likes me and it was a date aswell as just two friends going to see a country music show. It felt so right though going with someome who was also enjoying it for the first time. We ate the best kettle cooked pop corn I've ever had, and I drank a bud light draft with a lime. The whole expeirence was very surreal for me. Hearing the commcerials, and watching the engeneiir behind the soundboard made it all seem like a wierd dream. It felt right though. It was special. Rascall Flatts was amazing. They blew any expectations I had into the stratisphere and convinced me of their real talant. I only get to see them on youtube, or CMT, and even though they look just like that in real life, it still looks diffrent. Or maybe it just feels like that. Maybe its knowing that your in the balcony behind the soundbloard at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville TN. This is the real thing. Kellie Pickler preform aswell as Montgomery Gentry. Both acts spectacular. And the country music dream is tangible. Mark Wills open the show and redeemed himself with me for his overtley catchy, over produced country singles I use to listen to on Big Frog 104 in Syracuse NY. Spending the evening with Desiree and doing something I love, Music, was all I needed from life at that moment. I'll never forget the curtan comming up and the lights going down and watching countyr music starts take the stage in real time and real life! I've come along way from that boy back home whos only exposure to these acts and songs and music was through some form of media on a computer or a TV screem. I have a new friend that I'm looking forward to getting to know, and I know I'll be going to alot of Grand Ole Opry shows this summer. Thank you for reading and check out pictures I uploaded from my IPONE to FB.

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