Sunday, May 13, 2012

So I havent bloged in a very long time. Probably severl months at least. I was actually inspired to blog this rain sunday morning by a co worker at the resturant I'm currently working at. Her name is Danielle. She blogs, has a twiiter, a FB, plays a lil guitar, and travels alot more than I do. Shes all in all just a very well rounded person. An extremely postive and ambitous young woman from what shes told me at work and from what I've read on her blog. She even has her own website, which I need to get for myself. But anyway she inspired me to blog and talk a little bit about whats been happing in my life, or my music life I should say. In one of her latest blog entrys she talks about having three interviews with whatever company it was. I think shes in the Advertising field, but not sure exactly what she does. Thats not the point though. What she talked about in her blog entry that inspired me was her very postive attidue towards the interviews for her job no moatter what the ultamite outcome may be. Danielle basiclly sais that even if she does not get any one of those three jobs, that she at least had an amazing expeirence doing the interviews. The week in which she had these interviews she leared alot about the company she wants to work for, and alot about just taking what life has to offer. Well maybe she didn't say the life has to offer part, but thats what I want to blog about. The Point is that weather or not things went exactly her way, she can take from it a learning expeirence and she wont let herself get down if hse doesnt get the job. So the way I'm relating it to myself is with my musical life. I really want a carrear in music. If its songwriting fine. If its producing fine. If its being a rockstar and touring 250 days the rest of my life, well, that would be awesome lol. But no matter what happens I am allways learning new things, meeting new people, and comming up with new ideas. Its the best life I can ever lead. Just to learn and try my best to accopmlish my goals. Some would say that my dreams r a little out of reach. And I would agree at times. But then other times, when I preform infront of a new crowd and they don't really dig my songs, I don't get down. My self confidence and my will to succeed is stronger than my depressed moods after a long week at work and trying to play out in Nashville. Like with my co worker and her Job interviews, I have a my first gig comming up. Its the first of many. And I know that. My one gig comming up is not going to make or break me. I need to take from it what I can and learn as much as I can as I go through the process of booking it, promoting it, getting people there, and practicing and ultamily killing it on stage. I mean I have to be great. I really want to be great and I want the recogintion every musican wants. But I suppose my main point is I need to be greatful like my co worker for what I am doing. I cannot worrie about what might happen, what might not happen. Just live in the moment I guess. Which is kinda hard for me at times cause I've got one foot in the past and one on the future and I'm pissing all over right NOW!!! But I do not want to live like that if I can help it. Today I'm going to inspire somebody else with my positive attidue and my hard work. I really need to blog more cause now I feel so good. Well I need to iron my cloths for work and get dressed. Mothers day and its raining. I'll be surprized if the universe does not let me make lots of money. PS.. I just want to say that I make more than I dereve sometimes. If you, the reader, or my friend, or someone I work with or just a complete stranger that hates my blogs and my music need help with anything please ask. I will try to be of service to someone else besides myself today. Peace love, and euphoric serenity.

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