Sunday, October 24, 2010

So yesterday Will and I practiced the set for the show at LeMoyne up at his studio. it has been a while for both of us since we have preformed other than on the studio tracks. We had lots of energy. And we even got our friend Rob to come up and practice his parts. If you listen to my mix tape available online at myspace and facebook you will hear Will and Rob featured on my songs. I love to collaborate with others and as far as songwriting is concerned I believe two heads is always better than one. Well maybe not always because I do write and recored songs that I don't share. But even then I usually have someone help me with the post production.
So we are getting ready for the performance on November 13th at LeMoyne Plaza. I have spent lots of time promoting the show on facebook, email, and here. Writing the press release is always fun because my dad is a communications teacher and helps me develop the ideas and edit the story for me. But sometimes I ask myself " Am I just wasting time writing a press release." my thought is that if I send one out every time I have some big news eventually it's going to get read. Maybe the program directors and the newspaper editors won't read the first few I send out. That's ok, I don't expect them to. But my hope is that one of these days through my effort and hard work they will see me working it and give me a shot. Weapther they come out to a show, or write about my single.
I just keep believing in myself everyday, and try to come up with new ideas to market the music. If Basshunter allvthe way from Sweden can get heard in the States than I defiantly can.
Hope everyone has a great Monday to start the week off!

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